Sequoia Felton for Sarasota City Commissioner District 1


Giving ALL of us a voice in District 1

United we stand!  Whether you call Newtown, Rosemary, Amaryllis Park, Gillespie Park, Janie’s Gardens, Bertha Mitchell, McCown Tower, Park East, Bayou Oaks, or Central Cocoanut “home,” we are all neighbors who share a common interest in seeing all boats lifted as our city grows.  Let’s roll up our sleeves and work together for a better Sarasota.
I want to help build a bridge to a bright future for everyone in Sarasota.

meet Sequoia

I was born in Oneco, in neighboring Manatee County.  My grandmother, a corrections officer, raised me from the age of 1 until her death in 2001 when I was 15.   

She taught me the value of hard work, discipline, and the fact that love comes in all colors.  I needed that love as the eldest of 6 children – 3 brothers and 3 sisters, two of whom have since passed.

In 2006, I moved to Sarasota to work as an expediter at the Longboat Key Club & Resort.  My experience in creating hospitable surroundings continued during my 7 year employment at Plymouth Harbor as an environmental technician. 

After helping to support and educate my younger siblings, I earned my degree from Suncoast Tech in 2019.  I currently work downtown and often commute home to Newtown on a Veo.  Like all of my neighbors, I have a vested interest in safe, shaded multi-modal transportation and  clean streets!

You might also see me volunteering at The Harvest or attending a Black Caucus meeting.  I served on the City of Sarasota’s Human Relations Board, and look forward to working with, and for, my neighbors throughout District 1.

focused on issues

I value people first, second, and third.  As the city has rapidly grown, District 1 has been left behind, overshadowed, or displaced. I’m running to unite the community and build a better tomorrow. For future Sarasota to work for everyone, we must pull together. 

Sara & Zota at Ibis Playground in The Bay Park

Fresh Air & Clean Water

Whether it is air pollution, a healthy bay, or fortifying homes to withstand storms, our lives and livelihoods depend upon our shared environment. I'll prioritize access to restorative parks like The Bay, and measures to improve run-off, like the Whitaker Bayou clean-up.

Boulevard of the Arts & Central

Safe streets & Shaded sidewalks

I fully support the Federal grant for a long-overdue ADA improvements and the Newtown Sidewalk Rehabilitation Community Project. As a scooter-commuter, I'd like to see shade restored along our re-developed roads and the Legacy Trail extended along the railroad tracks.

Neighborhood housing

To make the "live, work, and play" concept work in the real world, we need housing that working people can afford. We have lost much of what was affordable housing to short term rentals or gentrification. I will prioritize human scale housing that creates community.

support of commmunity

“When it comes to public service, character counts. Sequoia Felton is well-grounded, with strong roots in the community. Her background in caregiving gives her the skills to listen. She has served on the city of Sarasota human relations board and is an active member of the workforce. She is resilient, learning from life’s challenges. She has a strong spirit, and is someone you can trust to be there in times of need, and put your faith in to represent the community well." - Willie Charles Shaw

Campaign News

Newtown resident to challenge Battie for Sarasota City Commission District 1 seat

by Christian Casale · Sarasota Herald Tribune · June 10, 2224

Back to the future!

Past, present, and future community leaders gather for the opening of the Greater Newtown Historic Gallery · June 19, 2024

Sequoia Felton for Sarasota City Commission - District 1 - Downnload official candidate photo

Sequoia Felton wants to pick up where Willie Shaw left off

"I’m running for Sarasota city commissioner because I care about my city, my community, and the people of the community. I feel like District 1 needs a voice, and we haven’t had one since Willie Shaw represented us."

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Jetson Grimes, Sequoia Denise Felton, and WIllie Charles Shaw

Sequoia Denise Felton enters District 1 Sarasota City Commission race with backing of community leaders Willie Charles Shaw, Fredd Atkins, and Jetson Grimes.

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Lawn signs available!

Please get it touch if you would like to can host a "Sequoia 4 Sarasota" lawn sign. We'll drop off at your location.

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Your vote is your voice.

The primary election will be held on August 20.

The general election will be held on November 5.